I’ve Finished! | www.beckybg.com

This is it! I’ve finished Uni… forever!

My last ever assignment was submitted on Friday, which was part of a career development module. I created a website for myself to showcase my work that I have done throughout my time at University, using Adobe Muse. Please check it out and let me know what you think: www.beckybg.com

Also, my course, Media Production, is part of the Screen School at LJMU, and they’re holding a Degree Show this Friday 15th May from 2pm until 8pm in the Redmonds Building on Brownlow Hill. This will be a brilliant day showcasing work from a range of creative courses. The event is part of Liverpool’s annual Light Night, so come and have a little nosey in if you fancy it, I’ll be there proudly showing best my work!



One in a Million | Production Project

I can finally explain why I have been so quiet for the first few months of 2015, it’s my Production Project! It’s the biggest module of my University life, therefore my life has purely been about my idea.

Way back in October 2014, my fellow students and I had to pitch an idea that explores techniques in telling an interesting story. I instantly knew what I wanted to, or I should say who’s story I wanted to tell. My friend, Emma, has had an interesting life which has built her as a person in so many ways. Not only did I like her story, but I felt that it deserved to be told to a large-scale audience. I also became extremely interested in the new online interactive documentary websites which keep popping up online at the moment (have a look at Killing Kennedy… that’s my favourite). With my subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, I discovered Muse, which allowed to explore how to create parallax scrolling websites. Thus, my idea was born. My pitch was successful and was confirmed that I could start straight away.

To be honest, it hasn’t even been tough to do, which I thought it would be as I was a one man band. I arranged the interviews with Emma, right through to her Doctor, I taught myself how to use Adobe Muse, and I edited the footage. I’ve loved every minute of it, learning new skills and seeing Emma be so delighted that someone wants to tell her story. Now, it’s been handed in and Emma has taken a look at the finished piece. She loves it and I’m over the moon! It’s had her family and friends crying and telling her how brave she is and now, people really understand why she lives her life the way she does.

Finally, here’s the link: http://oneinamillion.businesscatalyst.com

Please let me know what you think in the comments below! I’m all for constructive criticism, I just want to get better and better. Unfortunately, not all the threads are complete due to the fact I have been working on my own. So it can be thought more as a prototype, something I would love to develop. I hope you enjoy.

LA Factual

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the guys from LA Factual these past two months, creating and developing ideas

LA Logofrom documentaries to game shows. LA Factual are part of LA Productions, an independent production company based in Liverpool. Their work includes BBC One’s ‘Moving On’ and the award-winning ‘Common’, amongst many others.

My role has entailed being weird and wonderful with the biggest range of ideas you can imagine. It’s been important to bounce ideas off each other to then turn a fleeting thought into a fully-fleshed pitch.

Research is also a big element in the decision-making process. It’s amazing what you can find just from a google search, never mind a thorough investigation. Together, we’ve come up with some pretty interesting stuff. I hope we can pull it off and very soon I’ll be blogging about how you can watch it on ITV in a few weeks time!

A big thank you goes out to Simon, Christian and Michael at LA Factual, for letting myself and Lois into the world of LA and I can honestly say we’ve both been having a great time. Let’s keep it going!


Can you tell my third year of Uni has well and truly kicked in? I haven’t even updated this blog with my Iceland photos! So busy at the moment, but that’s just the way I like it to be honest. My Production Project is in for the end of this month so it’s full steam ahead right up until then.

In the meantime, here are some photographs from when I went to Iceland for my 21st Birthday. We went to Reykjavik, I seriously could not recommend this place enough. It’s a beautiful place, with wonderful people. We went dog sledding,  had a dip in the Blue Lagoon and went whale watching but unfortunately didn’t see any!  IMG_2075 IMG_2084 IMG_2356 DCIM100GOPROIMG_2379 IMG_2384 IMG_2388 IMG_2389 IMG_2391 IMG_2401

ITV Pitching Workshop

itv blog

Yesterday I attended a very exciting workshop with ITV and John Whiston (creative director, continuing drama), developing my skills in pitching and developing ideas. The main event was when the workshop was split into groups and we had to pitch our ideas to our groups to then develop and present to the panel. My idea was primarily about invisible illnesses, and the group decided that this was the concept we should develop into an idea.

It was great to share and collaborate with like-minded people about my idea, I could see it flourishing in front of my eyes in ways that I didn’t even think about. It just goes to show that an idea shared, is an idea doubled. I pitched the programme to a panel of ITV producers and directors with a system that ITV had prompted us with. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the best idea due to the fact it would be more suited to other channels. However, they still loved it and we won best pitch and clincher!

So, I’m rather proud of my group and I. Overall, I had a really exciting and inspiring day. Big thank you to ITV’s team who came over to share their expertise with Liverpool John Moore University!!

CMP | Critical Evaluation

An Interactive Cinderella Story from Becky BG on Vimeo.

This is my final piece for Creative Media Practice, combining multi-screen narrative and QR codes.

I’m impressed with the how the two elements presented in the film really enhance the narrative of this modern-day Cinderella story. The split screen gives the audience ‘sneak-peek’ information, that the male character doesn’t know about the woman character, Cinderella. The QR code’s also give the audience a more in-depth view of the personal lives of the two characters. Without the QR codes, the film wouldn’t make sense, which I think is a great as it makes the audience interact with the video, instead of sitting back.

However, I feel the quality of the footage has let the production values down on this occasion. As I was concentrating so much on the two technologies I was experimenting with, I didn’t take into account the camera settings. This was a poor mistake, as I was shooting in very dark light. The ISO was too high which then made the footage grainy.

If I could continue further, I would really like to do the whole tale of Cinderella. Especially in this adaptation, I’d like to explore why Cinderella’s step-brother is ill and why Peter feels such a connection to her. I think this idea could really come to life and it would be interesting to develop further.