New Year, New Jobs

Heading into my final year of University later this month, and I’m going to absolutely smash it. 


I’ve managed to secure myself another job at the Liverpool SU, as well as a Digital Content Producer. I’m now part of the marketing team working in the new Mini SU’s which are now spread across all five LJMU campuses. This is a new concept that only our SU have in place. I have also been promoted to Supervisor! Therefore, I will be reporting back to the SU how the Mini SU’s are working for students and what are the most common problems and questions that Students want to know when coming to University.

LSU.30.14_Better Placed Banner_Scroller2_FINAL


First shift is on Monday, wish my luck!

Moving Day

I moved flats yesterday! I’m so happy, with brilliant views across the city of Liverpool, it couldn’t feel any more at home. 

Which is great because I’ll be in Liverpool 24/7 next academic year, whilst finishing my degree. My new job at the LiverpoolSU as a Digital Content Producer will keep me seriously occupied as well. 

I can’t wait to officially call it my home; there’s so many fantastic opportunities coming up for me next academic year. But, for now, I will enjoy the rest of my Summer…

Foxdale Services Website


These past two weeks I have been working alongside Hibu to create a website for the Greater Manchester supplier of office equipment. Design, I’m great with, I’ve been loving it! AdWords and SEO side of things is something I’ve only ever had the chance to dabble in before. I’m glad to be learning from professionals, however, just need to get on top of the game.


I’ve also just received an email confirming my place with the marketing team at Liverpool SU!

It’s been a good day.

Lea Lea’s Beauty Spot

first draft


The above image is a logo I’ve designed for a new Micro Ring hair extensions business, Lea Lea’s Beauty Spot. The business will be around the Greater Manchester area, so look out for the design! I’ll also be looking after the social media aspect to the business, creating interesting content and getting the targeted clientele browsing.


Just thought I’d keep you updated! I’ve also been part of a team designing a brand new website for a business that needs a total rebrand, but more about that later. I haven’t been dossing about in the sun all week y’know! Well, maybe a little bit…

Marrakech, Morocco

After all that running about the North West of England, cramming as much work placements as I could, as well as receiving a lovely First for my second year of Uni, it was finally time for a break. Which explains the reason I haven’t posted for a while.

My boyfriend and I took a trip to Marrakech in Morocco, a beautiful place full of beautiful people. We did a lot of ‘firsts’ for me on this trip. Camel riding, discovering the dunes in buggies, trying the local cuisine, and of course bartering in the souks!

Definitely recommend this place, there’s so much to discover. For now, back to reality.


Buggy-ing through a berber village.

Here’s a few pictures. Unfortunately, I didn’t trust bringing my SLR so my iPhone had to do… not amazing quality but beautiful all the same.


Me, admiring the Ouzoud Cascades.


The Katoubia, the biggest mosque in Marrakech. No building is allowed to be taller than this, so can be seen from all angles of the city.


My last day at Lime Digital is tomorrow and I’m genuinely feeling sad to leave. I’ve learnt so much from creating exciting content to dealing with the content on social media. I’m really appreciative of my time there and I hope to keep in touch with the team. You never know.. I may be able to come back in some time in the near future!

It’s been brilliant these past few days. Reading Hollyoaks scripts to see what major story lines are coming up that the team needs to concentrate on, going on behind-the-scenes shoots, etc. I was also able to create the tweets for the upcoming ITV show Educating Joey Essex, the Brazil special which is to TX this Sunday. Have a look at the tweets and images, we did them! It’s so rewarding seeing fans of the shows retweet, favourite, share, or like your posts.

Thoroughly enjoyed, and hope we stay in touch!

End of Lime Digital