Marrakech, Morocco

After all that running about the North West of England, cramming as much work placements as I could, as well as receiving a lovely First for my second year of Uni, it was finally time for a break. Which explains the reason I haven’t posted for a while.

My boyfriend and I took a trip to Marrakech in Morocco, a beautiful place full of beautiful people. We did a lot of ‘firsts’ for me on this trip. Camel riding, discovering the dunes in buggies, trying the local cuisine, and of course bartering in the souks!

Definitely recommend this place, there’s so much to discover. For now, back to reality.


Buggy-ing through a berber village.

Here’s a few pictures. Unfortunately, I didn’t trust bringing my SLR so my iPhone had to do‚Ķ not amazing quality but beautiful all the same.


Me, admiring the Ouzoud Cascades.


The Katoubia, the biggest mosque in Marrakech. No building is allowed to be taller than this, so can be seen from all angles of the city.

End of Lime Digital


My last day at Lime Digital is tomorrow and I’m genuinely feeling sad to leave. I’ve learnt so much from creating exciting content to dealing with the content on social media. I’m really appreciative of my time there and I hope to keep in touch with the team. You never know.. I may be able to come back in some time in the near future!

It’s been brilliant these past few days. Reading Hollyoaks scripts to see what major story lines are coming up that the team needs to concentrate on, going on behind-the-scenes shoots, etc. I was also able to create the tweets for the upcoming ITV show Educating Joey Essex, the Brazil special which is to TX this Sunday. Have a look at the tweets and images, we did them! It’s so rewarding seeing fans of the shows retweet, favourite, share, or like your posts.

Thoroughly enjoyed, and hope we stay in touch!

Lime Digital Internship | Week Two

Cracking on with the second week of my internship at Lime Digital and it’s been pretty amazing so far. I’ve been writing scrips, looking through story lines, tweeting, having a say with a brand new feature to the Lime Team, annnnnnnnd going on behind-the-scenes shoots which fans can watch after big episodes.

Today I went on a behind-the-scenes shoot which unfortunately I can’t reveal anything that went on! All I can say is that it involved a major stunt and it’s going to look fantastic on screen. The crew was buzzing with excitement and it was such a great atmosphere to be a part of.

Keep you posted!

Loving Lime


Coming closer to the end of my first week now at Lime Digital, and I have moved desks to be closer to the team that are actually creating the content. It’s surprising how much you learn from being around the team. They’re so lively and passionate, it’s such a motivating place to be.

I was able to go on my first shoot yesterday, a behind the scenes video containing sensitive footage ¬†concerning transgender people. I have also been writing ‘Spoiler’ articles, being careful not to give too much away! I was also able to tweet for the first time on the @Hollyoaks account, it was a proud moment!

Lots more tasks have been set, is it weird that I’m excited?!

Keep you posted!

Lime Digital Internship

So, yesterday was the start of internship number 2! I am currently working in the digital department at Lime Pictures with most friendliest group of people I could have imagined. Lime Digital deals with the digital content of TV programmes such as Hollyoaks, The Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore and many more.

For the past two days I have been joining the team in helping to market Hollyoaks in particular. This consists of watching the episode which is to TX that night and figuring out tweets, Facebook and Tumblr posts which the team can post whilst the programme is aired to fans across the UK. I have also helped to figure out a ‘Twitter Game’ in which fans can engage with the Hollyoaks cast, rewarding them with exclusive insights into the Hollyoaks family. Furthermore, a new factor for the Lime Digital team is the Hollyoaks snapchat! In which we decide what teaser to post out at 4 c clock every weekday to entice the audience in to watching that nights episode.

My job is to also research how other companies are getting their clients brand across to their target market, gaining a further reach, along with gaining loyalty. This has been so interesting to look at. It’s great to see the up and coming innovations, and I love to tell the team how they can include this in their future projects.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far, and can’t wait to learn more about the different job roles and tasks of Lime Digital. I’ll be getting involved with the behind-the-scenes shoots as well as preparing my own multi-platform project to market a Lime TV programme of my choice.

I’ll keep you posted!

Mighty Giant | Last Week

Mighty Giant | Last Week

So, last week ended my internship with Mighty Giant. What a great two weeks it has been, I loved every minute of it! I was able to complete and send off a project to a client, in which they loved. I was also able to play around with other little animations to further my skills within Adobe After Effects.

Just as important was learning the little ins and outs of the way a creative business is run. A truly valuable experience that I am truly grateful for. Thank you Mighty Giant!

Above is a little pic of me working hard in their new office in Manchester!

Mighty Giant | Week One

Mighty Giant | Week One

Excellent first week at internship #1! Glad to be working on a project for one of their clients, getting really stuck in and noting how to change the finished product to fit to the clients wants and needs.

The company are also undergoing a major rebrand, it’s been interesting to see how they go about this process, along with the ups and downs this brings with it. I have loved helping them out, however, and it seems they have really valued my opinion. Can’t be a bad thing!

I’m so happy to be there. Roll on week number two and let’s hope it’s as good as the last!